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Find Contact Lenses That Fit You Perfectly

Choosing the right contact lenses can make a big difference for your visual comfort and eye health. Learn how to find contact lenses that are perfect for your eyes and lifestyle, whether you have astigmatism, sensitive eyes, or want lenses for special occasions.

Understand Your Eyes' Unique Needs

Every pair of eyes is different, and it's important to choose contact lenses tailored to your specific eyes. Factors that come into play include:

  • Your vision strength and any astigmatism
  • The shape and size of your eyes
  • The thickness and curvature of your corneas
  • The quality and quantity of your tear film
  • Any eye diseases or allergies

By getting regular eye exams with an optician, you can get a good understanding of your eyes' unique conditions. The optician can recommend contact lens types and brands that are perfect for you.

Choose the Right Material and Replacement Schedule

Contact lenses are available in different materials with varying properties for oxygen permeability, moisture, and durability. The most common materials are:

  • Hydrogel - soft lenses with good comfort but lower oxygen permeability
  • Silicone hydrogel - soft lenses with high oxygen permeability and good moisture
  • Gas permeable (GP) - rigid lenses with excellent oxygen permeability and sharp vision

How often you replace your lenses also affects comfort and eye health. Daily disposable lenses are convenient and hygienic, while monthly lenses are often more cost-effective in the long run. Two-week lenses are a middle ground. Discuss with your optician what works best for you.

Tailor the Lenses to Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle and daily activities also play a role in determining the best contact lenses for you. Consider factors such as:

  • How many hours per day you want to wear the lenses
  • If you often spend time in dry, dusty, or smoky environments
  • If you engage in sports or other physical activities
  • If you travel frequently and need simple lens routines

There are specialty lenses for different needs, such as lenses with UV protection for outdoor use, sports-tinted lenses for better stability during movement, and lenses with gradient tints to reduce glare.

Try Out the Lenses at the Optician

Trying out contact lenses at an optician is important to find the perfect fit and ensure the lenses sit comfortably on your eye. The optician can:

  • Measure your eye's shape and size to choose the right lens diameter and base curve
  • Check that the lenses center well on your eye and don't slide around
  • Assess the lens movement during blinks to ensure good tear fluid circulation
  • Evaluate the visual quality and ensure optimal visual acuity

Sometimes it takes a few tries to find the perfect lens, but be patient - it's worth the effort to get lenses that feel good and work optimally for your eyes.

Learn the Care Routines

Proper care of your contact lenses is essential to avoid complications and maintain good eye health. Be sure to:

  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling the lenses
  • Use the correct lens solution according to the manufacturer's instructions
  • Rub and rinse the lenses for the recommended time to remove dirt and deposits
  • Store the lenses in a clean lens case with fresh solution
  • Change the lens solution daily if using monthly or two-week lenses
  • Replace the lens case at least every three months or more often
  • Follow the recommended wear time and replacement schedule for your lenses

By properly caring for your lenses, you reduce the risk of infections, allergies, and other problems. If you experience discomfort, redness, itching, or decreased vision, remove the lenses and contact your optician.

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