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Retro-chic with 70s Glasses - Everything You Need to Know

70s glasses are back in fashion! Learn all about this retro trend, from iconic styles to how to wear them with style. Discover how you can match your 70s-inspired glasses with colored contact lenses for a cool look.

The 70s Eyewear Fashion Makes a Comeback

Fashion trends come and go, but some styles become timeless classics. The 70s eyewear fashion, with its bold shapes and colors, has made a strong comeback in recent years. From the catwalk to street style, we're now witnessing a renaissance of these iconic accessories.

What makes 70s glasses so special? It's a combination of daring designs, retro charm, and nostalgic appeal. Whether you prefer large, square frames or round John Lennon-inspired sunglasses, there's a 70s style that suits you perfectly.

Iconic 70s Eyewear Styles

The 70s offered a plethora of memorable eyewear trends. Here are some of the most iconic styles from the decade:

  • Oversized square frames - Think big, thick plastic frames in bold colors or tortoiseshell patterns.
  • Round "hippie" glasses - Inspired by John Lennon and the psychedelic era.
  • Aviator sunglasses - A timeless classic that was hugely popular in the 70s.
  • Cat-eye glasses - A feminine and retro style that adds a touch of Hollywood glamour.

Match 70s Glasses with Colored Contact Lenses

Want to take your 70s-inspired look to the next level? Consider matching your retro glasses with a pair of colored contact lenses! By playing with eye color, you can create a cool contrast or complement the colors in your glasses.

Imagine, for example, a pair of light blue lenses paired with oversized amber-toned sunglasses. Or why not try green lenses with round tortoiseshell-framed glasses? The possibilities are endless!

Tips for Wearing 70s Glasses with Style

How do you wear 70s-inspired glasses without looking like you're in costume? Here are some tips:

  • Choose a glasses style that suits your face shape and personal style.
  • Invest in quality - choose glasses with well-made frames and good lenses.
  • Let the glasses be the focus - keep the rest of your look relatively simple and pared-down.
  • Dare to play with color, both when it comes to glasses and contact lenses!
  • Wear your 70s glasses with confidence - it's the key to rocking any trend.

Find the Right Contact Lenses for Your 70s Look

If you want to experiment with colored contact lenses to complement your 70s glasses, it's important to choose high-quality lenses from a reputable brand. At Netlens, you'll find a wide selection of colored contact lenses from well-known brands like [[brand]]Alcon FreshLook[[/brand]], [[brand]]Air Optix Colors[[/brand]], and [[brand]]Dailies Colors[[/brand]].

Remember to always consult an optician before using colored lenses, and follow the handling and care instructions carefully. With the right contact lenses and stylish 70s glasses, you can create a look that's both retro-cool and eye-friendly!

Embrace the 70s Eyewear Trend with Style and Confidence

70s glasses are more than just a fashion fad - they're an opportunity to express your personality and style in a playful way. So why not try a pair of iconic 70s frames the next time you choose glasses? With the right attitude and some stylish colored contact lenses, you can create a look that's both retro-chic and uniquely yours. Embrace your inner 70s star and let your eyes take center stage!