Soflens Daily Disposable 90-pack

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Same fit as the old Soflens Oneday but with improved comfort and visual clarity. The new version offers higher oxygen permeability and lower water content (from 70% to 59%). If you've been using Soflens OneDay, you can continue withSoflens Daily Disposable without consulting an optician.

Also sold under the following names:

  • Contact Day 1
  • Easy Lens

Soflens Daily Disposable is a high-quality daily disposable lens manufactured by Bausch & Lomb. Easy to use and cost-effective daily lenses.


Model Soflens daily disposable
Quantity 90 lenses per box
Manufacturer Bausch & Lomb
Available Strengths (Strength is often indicated by PWR or SPH on the box) -9.00 to +6.50
Base Curve (also referred to as BC or Radius) 8.6
Diameter 14.2
Wear Time 1 day
Material Hilafilcon B
Water Content 59%
Handling Tint Yes