Biofinity Xr 3-pack

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Also sold under these names:

  • Eye Q 24
  • iWear XR Supreme

A super-modern monthly lens that can be worn around the clock for up to a couple of weeks before being removed and cleaned. Made with the new Aquaform material, which has a high water content and very high oxygen permeability, providing exceptionally good comfort even when you've had the lenses in all day.


Model Biofinity XR
Quantity lenses per box
Tillverkare Coopervision
Available Strengths (Strength is often indicated by PWR or SPH on the box) +8.50 to +15.00. -12.50 to -20.00.
Base Curve (also referred to as BC or Radius) 8.6
Diameter 14.0
Wear Time 1 month
Material AQUAFORM (Comfilcon A)
Water Content 48%
Handling Tint Yes, light blue