Proclear 6-pack

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Formerly known as Proclear Compatibles, it is now simply referred to as "Proclear" or sometimes as "Proclear Sphere". All three names describe the same lens, the one you are ordering on this page.

Monthly lenses from CooperVision with an exceptionally high water content, designed for those who work or live in dry air environments. The lens contains an extra amount of moisture, making it more effective under such conditions.

The recommended usage duration is one month from the time you open the packaging. It is not based on the number of days you wear the lens. Even if you only wear your Proclear Compatibles lenses three to four days a week, they should be replaced once a month.


Model Proclear
Quantity 6 lenses per box
Manufacturer Coopervision
Available Strengths (Strength is often indicated by PWR or SPH on the box) +10.00 to -10.00
Base Curve (also referred to as BC or Radius) 8.6
Diameter 14.2
Wear Time 1 month
Material Omafilcon A
Water Content 62%
Handling Tint Yes