Acuvue Oasys 6-pack

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Acuvue Oasys 6-pack engineered with the innovative Hydraclear moisture-retaining system, Acuvue Oasys offers enhanced comfort for wearers experiencing dryness during use. Ideal for individuals spending prolonged hours in front of computer screens or in dry environments, these 2-week lenses from Johnson & Johnson are designed for maximum comfort. Crafted from a silicone-based material and featuring HYDRACLEAR™ PLUS, which moisturizes the eyes and enhances lens flexibility, Acuvue Oasys goes the extra mile. With UVA and UVB blocking, it provides protection against harmful UV rays, making it a reliable choice for those seeking both comfort and eye safety. Choose Acuvue Oasys for a comfortable and mild lens option, especially suitable for tired eyes exposed to prolonged screen time or challenging environmental conditions. Elevate your vision experience with Johnson & Johnson's advanced lens technology.


Model Acuvue Oasys - Hydraclear Plus
Quantity 6 lenses per box
Manufacturer Johnson & Johnson
Available Strengths (Strength is often indicated by PWR or SPH on the box) +8.0 to -12.00
Base Curve (also referred to as BC or Radius) 8.4 or 8.8
Diameter 14.0
Wear Time Typically 1 to 2 weeks (but otherwise according to the wearing schedule prescribed by your optometrist)
Material HYDRACLEAR™ PLUS (Senofilcon A)
Water Content 38%
Handling Tint No
UV Protection 99% UVB and 96% UVA