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Coopervision: a trusted name in contact lenses

As a contact lens wearer, your vision and comfort are paramount. This is why many turn to Coopervision, a global leader in the eye health industry known for their high-quality lenses

Why choose Coopervision lenses?

Coopervision has been providing innovative solutions to address the varying needs of contact lens wearers worldwide. Their diverse product range offers options for every type of vision correction need - from myopia and hypermetropia to astigmatism and presbyopia. Whether you require daily disposable lenses or prefer monthly replacements, there's a Coopervision solution designed with your comfort and convenience in mind

Experience superior technology with Coopervision

At the heart of each pair of Coopervision lenses lies advanced technology aimed at enhancing visual performance while ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day. Their Biofinity® series, for instance, features Aquaform® Comfort Science™ technology that locks in moisture within the lens – reducing dryness and maintaining optimal eye health even after prolonged use

Maintaining your Coopervision lenses

Just like any other types of contact lenses, taking care of your Coopervision lenses is essential to ensure they stay clean and comfortable on your eyes. Always remember to wash hands thoroughly before handling them; store properly when not used; avoid sleeping with them unless prescribed by an optometrist; follow replacement schedules strictly. For further assistance regarding maintenance or choosing suitable cleaning products for your specific type of Coopervision lens, feel free to reach out to our customer support team who are always ready to help answer any queries you may have. Trustworthy expertise combined with cutting-edge technology makes choosing Coopervision an excellent choice towards achieving clear vision without compromising on comfort.