This is how you order

Order your contact lenses here on our website and we will send them directly to your home by post

Usually it only takes 1-3 days before you have lenses in the mailbox.

Need a prescription?
You don't need to show a prescription to buy from us, however, it is important that you know which lenses suit you so that you buy the right type in the right strength.

The order
Here above you see a search field (a magnifying glass). Click on it and type all or part of the name of your lenses and press "Enter". Then find your lens model in the product list that appears and click on the product image.

You will now come to a page where you must enter some facts about the lenses you want to order:

  • Strength: What strength do you have in each eye? The minus sign in front of the power is for nearsightedness and the plus sign is for farsightedness.
  • Bass Curve: How thin should your lenses be? Look on your old lens packaging for the abbreviation "BC" and enter the number that follows. You can also ask your optician.
  • Diameter: How big should your lens be? Again, look at your previous lens package for this value.

    For "Toric" lenses that correct astigmatism must also be stated:

  • Cylinder: How big of a refractive error do you have? Look at the old packaging.
  • Axel: On which joint is your refractive error? Look at the old packaging (Cylinder and shaft usually stand directly after the usual strength, eg -1.75 x 180)).

    The price
    VAT is always included in the prices you see on our site and no fees are added beyond the shipping fee you see on the order page.


    Delivery time
    How long the delivery time is depends on which lens model you order. We have some in stock and the others we order from manufacturers or wholesalers.

    • We ship 70% of our orders the same day
    • We post 15% the next working day
    • We post 10% within 2-4 working days
    • The remaining approx. 5% of the orders take between 1-2 weeks
    On each product's own page, a closer delivery time is set. Keep in mind that if you order several different models at the same time, the delivery time for the entire package will be according to the product with the longest delivery time. If you want us to send parts of the order in advance, that's fine. In that case, contact customer service and we will arrange it at no extra cost.

    You can log in at any time here on Netlens and look at "My Account". You will then receive information on how the order is progressing.

    Slim letter throw?
    If you live in an apartment with a letter box that is narrower than 5 centimeters, it may be a problem for the postman to poke the package in. The package will then end up at your nearest "postal agent" and you will receive an avi the next day with which you can pick up the package.

    Right of return
    You have full right of return within 14 days after the product has been delivered. A requirement for us to accept a return is that the box is in unchanged condition and that all lens packaging and boxes are unbroken and intact.

    Always free returns
    We are responsible for the return cost regardless of what it is due to. Do not return goods before you have contacted us and received an answer.