Terms of Service

We are Footway Group AB, registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office, Bolagsverket, with corporate identity number 556818-4047, PO Box 1292, 164 29 Kista, Sweden. Our head office is located in Victoria Tower outside Stockholm. When you shop with us or use our services, apps and websites, Swedish law and the following terms and conditions apply. The conditions are important for both you and us because they describe what we expect from each other. They also give you useful information. We keep these Terms of Use updated and change them from time to time, so remember to check in before you buy, as the latest version applies. If you need help with anything, you are of course always welcome to contact us.


To shop with us, you must be at least 16 years of age and be authorized to use any of the payment methods we accept. The purchase must be made in your name. When you place an order, you will receive an email confirming that we have received your order. We then perform a routine pre-authorization to check that the payment is approved. Then, an agreement is created based on these terms. You may have the opportunity to cancel your order for a short period after the order has been submitted. If we have already packed your order, it is no longer possible. Then you must return your order and make a re-order. All orders are subject to availability. But don't worry, if there is a problem with an order, we will contact you. In rare cases we may have to refuse or cancel an order, or close or freeze an account (even if we have previously confirmed your order) - eg. if we think anything fishy is going on with an order or an account. If this happens to you and you think we have made a mistake, please do not get upset, but please contact us at Storesupport-IE@footway.com or 1 800 817 332 . We are very happy to discuss the matter with you.


Our payment options may vary depending on the country of purchase. When paying by debit or credit card, the purchase price will be reserved on your card at the time of ordering ("authorization"). The actual transaction will happen when we send the products to you.

You can pay with Klarna. When you pay via Klarna Invoice you shop safely, easily and do not have to pay until you have received your goods. The payment period is 30 days from the time we sent your products and you can pay in part if you create a Klarna account. When ordering with invoice, no invoice fee is added. If you forget to pay, there will be a statutory reminder fee and late payment interest as stated in the terms of each payment method. At the time of purchase, a credit check is made, which in some cases means that a credit report is taken. Then you get a copy of the credit report by mail. Personal data is handled in accordance with current legislation and Klarna processes personal data in order to carry out customer analysis, identification, credit control and marketing. Personal identification numbers are used as customer identification numbers for customer management purposes. Read more at www.klarna.com.

We also offer card payments and other local payment options provided by Shopify Payments.

Prices and product descriptions

There is a lot going on here at Footway's head office, and sometimes it happens that we post a wrong price or incorrectly describe a product. If we discover an error that concerns any of the goods you have ordered, we will notify you as soon as we can and give you the opportunity to confirm your order again (at the right price) or cancel it. Depending on the selected delivery method and delivery address, a fee may be charged. Any fees will clearly be shown when you enter the checkout and are included in the total amount. Prices include VAT.


Here at Footway, we work hard to meet all delivery times, but sometimes there may be delays - eg. due to delays at our shipping partners, logistical problems or bad weather. Delivery is performed by the freight supplier which is stated in the checkout and includes any return shipping. If applicable, shipping costs may vary, but appear before the purchase at the checkout. We will keep you updated as far as we can and you should be able to track your shipment via a shipping number. If you do not receive a delivery confirmation, check your spam filter because emails may be accidentally placed there. You are always welcome to contact us if any problems arise or if you are wondering about anything. To be able to offer fast delivery, we have all products available for sale in stock.

Returns and Refunds

Do you want to return an item you do not want? We understand, sometimes it happens that one product is simply not working for you and you want to get the money back. Don't worry, as long as the products are in original condition, we can accept returns, subject to the rules below. If you return within 365 days of receiving them, we will refund the full amount of the products to the original payment method. We strive to refund you within 14 days of receiving the return. After that? We cannot accept returns of unwanted goods after the time frame for returns above has passed. If you try to make a later return, we may return the products to you and ask you to cover the delivery costs. Original Condition Of course, it is fine to try the products on like you would in a store, but please do not use the products. If they are returned to us and are damaged, used or in an improper condition, you will not be able to get a full refund and we may need to return them to you (and ask you to cover the shipping costs). All products are inspected at return. All products must be returned in original condition and in original packaging (where possible).

Fair use If we notice an unusual pattern of returns that do not look right, such as If we suspect that someone is actually using their purchases and then returning them or ordering and returning large quantities of goods - much, much more than even the most loyal Footway customer would order - we may need to close down the account and other accounts that are associated with it. If this should happen to you and you think we have made a mistake, please contact us so we can discuss this with you.

Right of withdrawal The law gives you 14 days right of withdrawal. You do not need to give a reason, but if you regret a purchase under the right of withdrawal, we ask you to contact us. We will refund within 14 days of receipt of the products. If you return the products after the 14 days, you do not need to notify us. You will receive money for the products up to 365 days after purchase. Remember that the products should be in original condition and in their original packaging (where possible). If you wish, you can use a withdrawal form as follows:

Cancellation form
If you want to cancel the agreement, fill out this form and return it

To: Footway Group AB
PO Box 1292, 164 29 Kista, Sweden
e-mail: Storesupport-IE@footway.com

I / We (*) hereby announce that I / we (*) withdraw from my / our (*) purchase agreement regarding the following goods (*) / services (*)
Ordered (date) (*) / Received (date) (*)
Name of the consumer (s):
Address to the consumer (s):

Signature / signatures (applies only to paper form)
(*) Delete not applicable.

Promotional Codes

Occasionally, we may offer you promotional codes that you can use to reduce the price on selected products. You enter the code at the checkout before you make your purchase. Each promotional code has its own terms, which will be described when you receive it (eg what products it applies, if it can be used one or more times, when it can be used etc.) Promotional codes cannot be combined with other offers. If you receive a unique promotional code intended for you personally, please keep it secret and not allow anyone else to use or exploit it. If we believe that a promotional code has been used incorrectly in any way (eg sold or shared with others), we may cancel it and / or freeze your account, or even close the account without notifying you.

Your Personal Information

Our Privacy Policy describes how we will use information about you. We at Footway love to be able to interact with you via our website and via social media. But we cannot control social media platforms or how to set up your profiles on them. Check and choose your privacy settings so that you are familiar with and comfortable with how your personal information is used on these platforms. What not to do ... We know it is obvious, but you must not abuse or manipulate our sites, apps or other services ("Sites") (eg upload viruses or other malicious technical material or perform overload attacks or the like) or in any other way interfere with our technology or functionality, or steal our or our customers' data. If you do any of this, it may be a law offense, but it can also prevent us from giving our loyal Footway customers the best possible service, so we take this kind of event seriously. Footway will report any such violation or activity (and provide any information about the persons involved) to the relevant law enforcement authorities. You may not ... use automated systems or software to extract data from our sites, also known as scraping.

If you are not satisfied with our handling of your personal data, please contact your local data protection authority or the The Swedish Data Protection Authority at datainspektionen@datainspektionen.se or Box 8114, 104 20 Stockholm, Sweden.

Intellectual Property, Software and Content

Footway owns or is authorized to use any intellectual property on its websites. All such rights are reserved. You have the right to store, print and display content from our sites for personal use only. You may not use any part of the Site for commercial purposes unless you have our express permission to do so. Links to this site. Feel free to link to the Footway as long as it is done in a way that doesn't hurt our reputation or you benefit from our reputation. Please do not link to the site in a manner that suggests any kind of approval or recommendation of Footway where there is no such.

Do you have complaints or need to talk to us?

Sometimes somethings may go wrong and you may want to contact us. If so, we appreciate if you contact us at Storesupport-IE@footway.com. We do not send any written confirmation of your message, but will respond to your comments as soon as possible and no later than 14 days. If we fail to provide a solution that you are happy with, you can refer your complaint to the EU online dispute resolution platform: www.ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr .

Legal Info

We may change, remove or modify our products, services and / or any part of the Website at any time (including our Terms of Use). Our terms and conditions apply under Swedish law. Warranties All goods you purchase from us are covered by the warranty that the product is or does what the consumer can reasonably expect from it. A factory warranty also applies to certain products.

Terms and Conditions for User Generated Content

#YesFootway Do you know what our favorite thing in the world is? Happy customers. We are happy when a happy customer use products from our stores on social media. So we want to show the world. Therefore, we ask for permission to share our customers' photos with other customers. When we do, the pictures are often published on our website - and sometimes in other channels such as Facebook, Instagram or our newsletter. By responding to our request with hashtag #Yes, you agree to the following:

You provide Footway Group AB (org. no. 556818-4047), a non-exclusive, royalty-free worldwide license to use images you have replied #Yes to, hereinafter referred to as "image", in our marketing and / or advertising , including in the gallery on the website, social media, newsletters, e-mail and other customer communications and other marketing purposes. You certify that you own all rights to your images and that you have the consent of any person appearing in your photos - to discard your rights. You certify that the Footway Group AB does not violate any third party rights or violate any law when using your images. If you are under 18, you confirm that you have parental consent. In addition, you hereby release Footway Group AB from all obligations to pay you for the use of your photos. If you later want your picture to be removed from our social media or website, contact us by e-mail or phone, and we will make sure that the pictures are deleted.

Content you created on our platform

Our rights When you share by creating content on our platform, we want other customers and suppliers to be able to access your experience. By sharing, you provide Footway Group AB (org. no. 556818-4047), a non-exclusive, royalty-free worldwide license to use, distribute and copy the content that you have created on our platform, in our business and / or marketing including on websites, social media, newsletters, email, in communications and other marketing purposes. You still own the content you create and can share the content with others wherever you want. By sharing content, you give us permission to use your name and information about the content you create. Under these terms, you hereby waive the Footway Group AB from any obligation to compensate you for the use of your name and the content you create.

If you use content covered by intellectual property rights that we have and make available on our platform, we retain all rights to that content.

Your obligations You certify that you own all rights to the content you create. You must not share anything on our platform that is illegal, discriminatory, misleading or false. You certify that the Footway Group AB, when using your content, does not infringe or violate any third party rights or violate any law. If you are under 18, you confirm that you have parental consent.

We may remove content that violates our terms and prevent you from continuing to create content if you violate our terms. We can also take these measures in cases where we are required to do this by law.


E-mail: Storesupport-IE@footway.com
Telephone No:1 800 817 332
VAT no.:IE3749398PH

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