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Avaira Vitality

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Avaira Vitality: your vision, our focus

At Netlens, we understand that contact lenses are not just about correcting vision; they are also about comfort and convenience. Avaira Vitality lenses stand out as a premium product in our portfolio that promises clear vision and unparalleled comfort

The Avaira Vitality advantage

What sets Avaira Vitality apart is its unique blend of features designed to meet the specific needs of lens wearers. Made from silicone hydrogel material, these lenses allow more oxygen to reach your eyes than traditional hydrogel lenses. This promotes healthier eyes and provides superior comfort throughout the day. In addition, Avaira Vitality comes with Class 1 UV protection which shields your eyes from harmful Ultraviolet rays. It's like wearing sunscreen for your eyes!

When to use Avaira Vitality lenses?

Avaira Vitality contact lenses offer versatility for both daily wear and extended wear up to two weeks (under guidance from an eye care professional). Whether you lead an active lifestyle or spend long hours in front of digital screens, these contacts can provide lasting comfort. Moreover, their natural wettability means there's no need for additional surface treatments or wetting agents - so you're less likely to experience dryness or discomfort even after prolonged use

Choosing the right lens accessories

Maintaining the quality of your Aviara Vitality lenses is crucial for optimal performance. From lens cases to cleaning solutions and drops, choosing high-quality accessories ensures hygiene and extends the life of your contacts. Remember though: while all-in-one solutions may be convenient, they might not always be suitable for silicone hydrogel materials such as those used in Aviara vitality lenses. Always consult with an eyecare professional when selecting products for cleaning and storing your contacts. Netlens takes pride in offering comprehensive guidance and support to our customers. Whether you're a seasoned contact lens wearer or just starting your journey, we are here to help you navigate through the world of vision care with confidence. Explore Avaira Vitality lenses today for superior comfort and clear vision.