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About Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Netlens has been sending contact lenses to Swedish and international customers by mail, directly to their mailboxes or letterboxes, since 2005. Contact lenses usually arrive within 2-3 days (80-90% of the time).

The contact lenses you purchase from us are, of course, genuine original contact lenses directly from manufacturers such as CIBA Vision, Johnson & Johnson, CooperVision, and Bausch & Lomb.

kontaktlinser billigt A contact lens is a highly technology-intensive product, and despite being inexpensive to manufacture, it's the research and development costs of manufacturing companies that must be covered by the price.

That's why contact lenses cost as much as they do.

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If you're ready to purchase your affordable contact lenses from Netlens in the future, we suggest starting on our homepage here: Netlens contact lenses. Netlens' goal and ambition have been to make the use of contact lenses as cost-effective and straightforward as possible, and since our establishment in 2005, we've witnessed a revolution in pricing and competition in the market. This revolution has allowed our customers to save several thousand SEK per year compared to the cost of wearing contact lenses 6-7 years ago.

You can learn more about the origin and history of contact lenses on Wikipedia's page about contact lenses.

Additionally, Netlens offers low prices on contact lens solution and other accessories such as contact lens cases and eye drops, making your contact lens-wearing experience easier and more comfortable.

kontaktlinser optiker

We recommend visiting a contact lens optometrist or an eye doctor once a year to ensure that your eyes are healthy and that the lenses you are using have the correct prescription and fit. We do not recommend experimenting with different contact lens models on your own, and new lenses should always be fitted by a qualified optometrist.