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How to order your contact lenses online

Order your contact lenses here on our website, and we'll deliver them directly to your home. It usually takes only 1-3 days before you have your lenses in your mailbox.

Do you need a prescription? You don't need to provide a prescription to purchase from us; however, it's important that you know which lenses are suitable for you so that you buy the right type with the correct strength.

The Order Process: Above, you'll see a search field (a magnifying glass). Click on it and enter the full or partial name of your lenses, then press "Enter." Next, find your lens model in the product list that appears and click on the product image.

You will now be directed to a page where you need to enter some details about the lenses you want to order:

  • Strength: What is the strength for each of your eyes? A minus sign in front of the strength is for nearsightedness, and a plus sign is for farsightedness.
  • Base Curve (BC): How curved should your lenses be? Look at your old lens packaging for the abbreviation "BC" and enter the number that follows. You can also ask your optometrist.
  • Diameter: How large should your lenses be? Once again, check your previous lens packaging for this value.

For Toric lenses that correct astigmatism, you should also provide:

  • Cylinder: What is the magnitude of your astigmatism? Check your old packaging.
  • Axis: On which axis is your astigmatism located? Look at your old packaging (Cylinder and Axis typically appear right after the regular strength, e.g., -1.75 x 180°).

The Price: VAT is always included in the prices you see on our website, and there are no additional fees beyond the shipping fee displayed on the order page.

Delivery Time: The delivery time depends on the lens model you order. Some we have in stock, and for others, we place orders with the manufacturer.

  • 70% of our orders are shipped the same day
  • 15% are shipped the next working day
  • 10% are shipped within 2-4 working days
  • The remaining 5% of orders take between 1-2 weeks

The specific product pages provide more detailed delivery times. Please note that if you order multiple different models simultaneously, the delivery time will be in accordance with the product with the longest delivery time.

You can log in anytime here on Netlens and check "My Account" to track the progress of your order.

Narrow Mail Slot? If you live in an apartment with a mail slot narrower than 5 centimeters, it may be difficult for the mail carrier to insert the package. In such cases, the package will be left at your nearest "post office," and you will receive a notification the next day to pick up the package.

Return Policy: You have a full return policy within 365 days after the item is delivered. One requirement for us to accept a return is that the box is in unchanged condition, and all lens packages and boxes are unbroken and intact.

Always Free Returns: We cover the return cost regardless of the reason. Do not return any items before contacting us and receiving a respons.