New York Shiny Black

1.210,00 NOK
Inkludert MVA Frakt beregnes i kassen.


Selges av sendt av Footway+


Alltid inkludert i solbrillene:

- Nividas Rengjøringsklut
- Nividas Mykt etui
- Nividas Hardt etui
- Nividas Eske


Laget av håndbehandlet acetat.

Nividas solbrillene er polariserte og gir 100 % beskyttelse mot UVA- og UVB-stråling.


Solbrillene våre måles i to standardiserte mål. Du finner dem på innsiden av innfatningen.

For eksempel 48-22. Det første er 48: 48-22. Det første, 48, er bredden på glasset. Det andre, 22, er målet mellom glassene.

Levering og retur

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Dive into the heart of the city that never sleeps with Nividas New York Shiny Black sunglasses, a pair as iconic as the skyline it's named after. These aren't just any sunglasses; they're your VIP pass to strut the bustling streets of New York with the confidence of a seasoned Broadway star.

With their chic, polarizing lenses, you'll not only turn heads but also throw shade in the most stylish way possible. And let's not forget the UV protection – because darling, in a city that shines as bright as New York, you need to protect those peepers while you're out there seizing the day and night.

So, whether you're navigating the glamorous chaos of Times Square or lounging in the serene parks of the Upper East Side, these sunglasses promise to keep your fashion game as strong and unapologetic as the city itself.

Slip on a pair of Nividas New York Shiny Black, and watch the city's concrete jungle turn into your personal runway.

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