Vancouver Shiny Black

€106,95 EUR
Inclusief BTW Verzendkosten berekend bij het afrekenen.



Altijd inbegrepen bij je zonnebril:

- Nividas Reinigingsdoekje
- Nividas Zacht etui
- Nividas Harde etui
- Nividas Doosje


Made of hand-processed cellulose acetate.

Nividas de zonnebril is gepolariseerd en biedt 100% bescherming tegen UVA- en UVB-straling.


Onze zonnebrillen worden gemeten in twee gestandaardiseerde maten. Je vindt ze aan de binnenkant van het montuur.

Bijvoorbeeld: 48-22. De eerste, 48, is de breedte van het glas. De tweede, 22, is de maat tussen de glazen.

Levering & retourneren

Verzending binnen 1-2 werkdagen.

Probeer je nieuwe zonnebril thuis uit! Wij bieden je 365 dagen gratis retourrecht.

Introducing the Nividas Vancouver Shiny Black sunglasses - a pair as dynamic and spirited as the city it's named after. Just like Vancouver, these sunglasses are a perfect blend of sleek sophistication and rugged readiness for adventure.

They're not just a fashion statement; they're your new go-to for embracing everything from the bustling city streets to the serene landscapes that lie just beyond. With top-notch UV protection, your eyes will be shielded from the glaring sun, whether you're skiing down the slopes of Grouse Mountain or enjoying a sunny day at Stanley Park.

Plus, with polarizing lenses, you'll see the world in crisp, clear detail, cutting through glare like a knife through butter.

So, if you're ready to tackle your day with the same fearless attitude and undeniable style as Vancouver itself, slip on a pair of these shades and watch the world take notice. Sass included at no extra charge.

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