Gothenburg Transparent Grey

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- Nividas Rengöringsduk
- Nividas Mjukt fodral
- Nividas Hårt fodral
- Nividas Box


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Nividas solglasögonen är polariserade och ger 100% skydd mot UVA- och UVB-strålning.


Våra solglasögon mäts i två standardiserade mått. Du hittar dem på insidan av bågen.

Till exempel: 48-22.Det första, 48, är bredden på glaset. Det andra, 22, är måttet mellan linserna.

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Introducing the Nividas Gothenburg Transparent Grey - the sunglasses that bring the cool, edgy vibe of Sweden's second-largest city straight to your face. Just like Gothenburg itself, these shades are the perfect blend of historic charm and modern flair.

They're not just any sunglasses; they're a statement, inspired by the city's vibrant streets, eclectic architecture, and the effortlessly stylish locals who know a thing or two about standing out in a crowd. And let's not forget, they come with top-notch UV protection, because while we adore the sun, we're not about letting it cramp our style with its harmful rays. Plus, they're polarizing, which means you can say goodbye to glare from those dazzling Gothenburg waterways.

So, whether you're strolling down the cobbled lanes of Haga or catching the sunset at the harbor, these sunglasses have got you covered, honey. Get ready to turn heads and shield your eyes with some serious Scandinavian cool.

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