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Lima Meadow Green

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Made of hand-processed cellulose acetate.

Nividas solglasögonen är polariserade och ger 100% skydd mot UVA- och UVB-strålning.


Våra solglasögon mäts i två standardiserade mått. Du hittar dem på insidan av bågen.

Till exempel: 48-22.Det första, 48, är bredden på glaset. Det andra, 22, är måttet mellan linserna.

Leverans & Returer

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Prova dina nya solglasögon hemma! Vi erbjuder dig 365 dagar med fria returer.

Introducing the Nividas Lima Meadow Green sunglasses, a pair that's as vibrant and spirited as the city it's named after. Lima, a city that dances to the rhythm of its own beat, with its stunning coastal views and a history as rich as its cuisine, inspires a design that's nothing short of bold.

These aren't just any sunglasses; they're your VIP pass to looking effortlessly chic while sashaying down the bustling streets of Miraflores or lounging at a beachside bar in Barranco. With state-of-the-art UV protection, they shield your eyes from the glare of the fierce Peruvian sun, because darling, squinting is so last season.

And let's not forget the polarizing effect, ensuring that your view is as clear and unobstructed as the Lima sky on a summer day. Slip on the Nividas Lima Meadow Green, and you're not just wearing sunglasses; you're carrying a piece of Lima's soul with you.

So, are you ready to turn the world into your runway with these showstoppers?

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