Vancouver Transparent Sand

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Made of hand-processed cellulose acetate.

Nividas solglasögonen är polariserade och ger 100% skydd mot UVA- och UVB-strålning.


Våra solglasögon mäts i två standardiserade mått. Du hittar dem på insidan av bågen.

Till exempel: 48-22.Det första, 48, är bredden på glaset. Det andra, 22, är måttet mellan linserna.

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Meet the Nividas Vancouver Transparent Sand sunglasses - the eyewear that captures the spirit of Vancouver itself. Imagine the city's stunning juxtaposition of urban sophistication against the rugged, natural beauty of its landscapes.

That's what you get with these shades. They're not just accessories; they're a statement. With their chic transparent sand frames, they whisper of Vancouver's sandy beaches and its laid-back, yet trendy vibe. And let's not forget, darling, these sunglasses aren't just about looking good.

They come with polarizing lenses to cut the glare and UV protection to shield your precious eyes from those not-so-welcome rays. So, whether you're strutting down Robson Street or hiking the Grouse Grind, the Nividas Vancouver has got you covered, blending style and function as seamlessly as the city they're named after.

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